Italian Cookies

Italian-American bakeries were originally founded to satisfy fellow immigrants’ desire for the delicious, intricate pastries and cookies of home. Now, as then, they are known for their wide variety of expertly fresh-baked cookies that can only be created and purchased there.

Traditional Italian cookies come from centuries-old family recipes, and making them is a highly labor-intensive process. Extreme individual attention to detail is given to hand-crafting cookies that can be as small as a quarter, and hours are spent giving them own unique flourishes. Known as the crown jewels of Italian treats, cookies figure prominently in many Italian celebrations. Weddings often feature a dessert table with large displays of various cookies. Special types of Italian cookies are also prepared for traditional Italian occasions including Christmas and Easter, as well as on feast days like Carnevale, and the feasts of San Guiseppe and San Giovanni.

There is an incredible variety of cookies originating from all different parts of Italy. Many are almond-flavored, as almonds are a bountiful crop in Italy. Their differences often lie in their flavorings with the fruits and nuts indigenous to their specific area. Here are a few of our popular selections, with descriptions of their origins and preparation methods.