Valentine’s Day Specials

Many of your favorite cakes and cookies will be getting a little “makeover” for Valentine’s Day this year at Victoria Bakery & Cafe.

First up: our heart-shaped princess cake. It’s the same delicious cake on the inside, but the layers of vanilla sponge, raspberry jam, custard and whipped cream are in the shape of a heart and topped with pink marzipan. Available in 6″ ($41.95) and 8″ (56.95) sizes.

If you’d like to keep it a little more traditional, our chocolate truffle cake will be topped with a red rose, in addition to the usual elegant scroll-work. It’s a chocolate lover’s delight: rich devil’s food cake layered with chocolate ganache and chocolate truffle filling. The cake is then enrobed in a rich, chocolate ganache. Available in 6″ ($34.95) and 8″ ($46.95) sizes. It pairs nicely with REAL red roses!

Those looking for smaller bites can opt for Valentine’s themed cupcakes and sugar cookies. They’ll be our usual recipes but topped with a little extra love in the form of heart-shaped sprinkles and pink, red and white sanding sugar. These are perfect for putting in a small box to deliver to people you can’t be with in person.