Specialty Cakes

Victoria Bakery is known throughout the Bay Area for our signature cakes: the St. Honore cake, Tiaramisu, the Sacrapantina, and, of course, our classic Princess Cake.

Over the years we’ve added customer favorites to our stock cake selection and are now pleased to bake American favorites like cheesecake and chocolate truffle cakes nearly every day of the week.

If you don’t see your favorite type of cake here we are certainly happy to work with you to create a custom cake of your own! Whether you are looking to recreate a childhood favorite with your grandmother’s special recipe or have dreamed up someone of your own, one of our cake designers will be happy to help.

Supply us the recipe or with photos of the custom cake you like and we will create your unforgettable cake. Our bakers and cake artists are well tuned to the desires and descriptions of our customers.

In addition to our cakes, of course, we stock a wide variety of classic Italian cookies and pastries baked fresh every day.