When A Mess Is A Good Thing

As the story goes, during a game of cricket between Eton College and Harrow School in the late 1890’s the centerpiece dessert – a gorgeous pavlova – was dropped . Rather than letting it go to waste, the crushed pavlova shell and remaining strawberries and cream were mixed together and the simple and refreshing Eton Mess was born. (Apologies to those in Harrow, who apparently refer to it as the Harrow Mess to this day.)

While we’re certainly happy to prepare a pavlova as a special order, you can make your own Eton mess with whipped cream, fresh summer berries and our meringues in a snap! It is an impressive and easy no-bake dessert perfect to serve during spring and summer months.

Step 1: Prepare the berries

Slice 1 cup of strawberries into halves or quarters, depending upon the size of the berries. Add the berries and a 1/4 cup of sugar to a bowl and stir to coat. Set the bowl aside for 30 minutes to allow the berries to macerate.

Add additional berries depending upon your taste and what’s in season. We love adding blackberries

Step 2: Prepare the whipped cream

To 1 cup of cold, heavy whipping cream add 2 tablespoons of sugar. Whisk by hand or with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Be careful not to over whip – you’ll be on the way to butter before you know it! Alternatively, you can use prepared whipped cream or a non-dairy whipped topping.

Step 3: Crush the meringues

You could make your own meringues… or you could visit Victoria and purchase them by the pound! Roughly crush the meringues in a zip top bag with a rolling pin, making sure to leave some large chunks. They provide a great “crunch” in an otherwise tender dessert.

Step 4: Make a mess!

Alternate layers of whipped cream, fruit, and meringues into individual serving cups or in a large dessert bowl. There’s no right answer! Top with whipped cream, fine meringue pieces and a little of your berry syrup from the bowl.
Congratulations! You’ve made a mess your mother would be proud of. Enjoy!