Tell Us: Love is…

Valentines Cookies

At Victoria Bakery and Café we were curious to learn what love is to Marin Residents. In the spirit of Valentine’s day we put our arts-and-crafts hats on, picked up paint, brushes, ideas, other hearts’ day necessities, and got to work.

Three hours later we ended up with a red, chalkboard-painted window and a crafty sign prompting customers to write what love is. The entire masterpiece of course was decorated with hearts, covered with love, and sprinkled with appreciation for our customers.

Right after we settled in at the table, sipped hot cappuccino, indulged with a slice of Napoleon, listened to steady rain outside, and watched customers’ smiles as they were thinking of love. Slowly but surely words of family, friends, inclusion, god, and even butterflies started to appear on the chalkboard paint. Love is life, it’s what is around us, it’s what is within us.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Victoria Bakery and Café.